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Paintless Dent Removal Process

We reshape metal back to factory condition.

NO body filler,

NO after-market paint,


What is "conventional" body repair?

When you take your vehicle to a body shop or collision center to repair those unsightly dings and dents in your car, they will grind your factory paint off of the affected areas to begin repairs. They pull the metal out as close as they can get to its original position before spreading body filler into the area. The body filler is then sanded smooth to finish the repair, and then the entire panel is repainted. Since it is impossible to match the factory finish perfectly, often times they will "blend" the new finish into the neighboring panels as well.  This type of repair is necessary for major collision damage, but for minor dings, dents and creases, there is a better way. . . . .

What damage can be removed by PDR?

Dings, dents and creases. Even hail damage! If the paint is still intact, the metal is not stretched, and there is a way to get a tool on the back side of the panel, chances are that the damage can be removed. With years of training and automotive experience, we can get a tool on the back side of nearly every part of your car. Practice, patience and a keen eye for detail allow us to precisely reshape the metal and remove those ugly dents.

What is paintless dent removal (or PDR)?

Paintless dent removal (PDR) is a process of manipulating the metal on your car back to its factory condition without affecting the factory finish. By using specifically designed tools to reach the back side of the panel where the damage is, we can precisely and methodically massage the dent out of the metal. This process is minimally invasive (typically there is little to no disassembly required), fast (most dents can be removed in less than an hour or two), inexpensive (when compared to the cost of having a panel repainted), and valuable (the trade-in or resale value of your car can drop by thousands of dollars if there is after-market paint on it). 

What are the results?

In a word. . . . . amazing! Most dings, dents and creases can be removed completely. Even minor scuffs and scratches on the paint's surface can be polished out. You are left with your car looking the way that it did before that unsightly damage occured. You are also left with your factory paint intact. All at a fraction of the cost of conventional repairs! No body filler, no after-market paint, no more dents!

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